1. Voter Registration

    Find out how to register to vote in Chino Valley.

  2. Voting in Chino Valley

    Learn about voting options in Chino Valley.

  3. Chino Valley Elections, Overview

    Learn about Chino Valley's elections in general.

  4. Regular (Candidate) Election - 2018

    Be prepared to vote in the 2018 Primary and General Elections in Chino Valley.

  5. Propositions/Ballot Measures

    Read about 20___ ballot measures.

  6. Candidates

    Check here for qualifications, nomination procedures, and forms.

  7. Campaign/Political Committees 2017

    Campaign/Political Committees

  8. Campaign/Political Committees 2016

    Campaign/Political Committees

  9. Election Results

    Get the results of an election from the Yavapai County Elections.

  10. County & State Elections

    See links to County and State websites for their election information.