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The Chino Valley Code of Ordinances ("Town Code") was adopted on August 31, 2006 and became effective September 30, 2006. The Town Code was designed by American Legal Publishing Corporation, which as of October 2013, also hosts the web version.

Click here to view and search the Town Code on American Legal Publishing Corporation web page.

The official version of the Town Code is the printed version on file in the Town Clerk's Office. Ordinances and/or Resolutions that amend this Code may have been enacted subsequent to the current online version.

The last update to the online Town Code was made in July 2013. To view Ordinances and/or Resolutions adopted by the Town Council revising the Code that have not been incorporated into the online code please see below.
Ordinance Resolution Date Adopted Code Section
Ordinance 13-775   October 2013 Title III, Chapter 32 Procurement
Ordinance 14-781   February 2014 Title III, Section 30.065 & 066 Council Meeting
Ordinance 14-783   April 2014 Title III, Chapters 30, 36 & 37 Governing Body & Elections
Ordinance 14-790   November 2014 Title XV, Chapter 150 Building Regulations
Ordinance 14-791   November 2014 Title XV, Chapter 153 International Fire Code
Ordinance 15-792   January 2015 Title V, Chapter 51 Utility Fees
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