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"Providing Water for Chino Valley's Future"



Why Water Conservation?

While Chino Valley is blessed with abundant sunshine, grasslands, and beautiful vistas, water is not quite so freely available. While the aquifers below Chino Valley have large reserves of high quality fresh water, managing this resource responsibly is essential to ensuring a sustainable future.

While the Town of Chino Valley Water Resource Department is working hard to bring additional water supplies to the citizens of the Chino Valley, water conservation is essential to ensuring that these supplies are sufficient to meet the future demands of this rapidly growing area. Water conservation will help stretch our limited resources, allowing the Town to grow and prosper while minimizing environmental impacts.

What Are We Doing?


The Water Resource Department has developed a series of brochures and public service announcements related to water conservation. This program is designed to raise awareness of the importance of conservation and to provide practical advice to help the citizens of Chino Valley do their part to conserve our local resources.

Leak Detection

The Town has partnered with the ADWR "Patch the Pipe" leak detection program to train Town staff to use available ADWR-owned high-tech leak detection equipment. The Town will continue to monitor its water distribution system to ensure that any leaks are detected and repaired as quickly as possible.

Arizona Rinse Smart

The Water Resources Department has also partnered with ADWR and the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation through the Arizona Rinse Smart program to install high pressure, low water use pre-rinse spray valves in area restaurants and schools. Pre-rinse spray valves are initially used by many food service establishments to remove food particles before plates and trays are placed within commercial dishwashers. The newer, more efficient spray valves use half as much water and clean more effectively than standard spray valves.

Regional Cooperation

The Water Resource Department is actively involved with the Central Yavapai Water Conservation Partnership. This ad-hoc group of water resource professionals from regional municipalities has conducted a large survey of regional understanding and attitudes towards water conservation and provided grants to teachers for water conservation and education projects. We will continue to work regionally on these types of water conservation projects.

The Town of Chino Valley is a charter member of various other water groups including the Yavapai County Water Advisory Committee and the Northern Arizona Municipal Water Users Association.

Conservation Code

The Water Resource Department is currently in the process of developing a comprehensive Water Conservation Code to help encourage efficient water use within the Town of Chino Valley. It is anticipated that a proposed ordinance will be available for public comment in early 2008. Check back for more information.

What Can You Do?

Tip #1: Household Conservation

Tip #2: Appliances and Fixtures

Tip #3: Smart Water Use Landscape Ideas

Tip #4: Accents and Grasses

Tip #5: Trees and Shrubs

Tip #6: Xeriscape

Tip #7: Keys to Efficient Irrigation

Citizen's Guide

"Remember, every drop matters."

"Conservation easements will help preserve grassland habitat for many important species such as the native Pronghorn Antelope."

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Conservation White Paper

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City-County Water Infrastructure, Supply & Planning Study, PHASE 2

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