Town Code

The Chino Valley Code of Ordinances (Town Code) was adopted on August 31, 2006 and became effective September 30, 2006. The Town Code was designed by American Legal Publishing Corporation, which also hosts the web version.

Viewing and Searching

You can view and search the Town Code on American Legal Publishing Corporation website. To restrict your search to the Town Code only (and exclude the Unified Development Ordinance), place a check mark next to Chino Valley, AZ Code of Ordinances in the table of contents, then select the Advanced Search option by clicking on the magnifying glass icon below the Quick Search box, and complete your advanced search.

Amendments to the Town Code

Ordinances that amend this Code will be incorporated into the online version 2-4 weeks after the ordinance's effective date. To view the most recent ordinances approved by the Town Council, click here.