Animal Control

The Chino Valley Animal Shelter office is OPEN! 
Animal Shelter Hours: Monday thru Saturday 10:00am-3:00pm
Shelter staff can also be reached by phone at 928-636-4223 ext 7.  
If you need to purchase a dog license you may do this during regular business hours.  
Chino Valley Animal Control is a division of the Chino Valley Police Department and is responsible for enforcing the Town's animal ordinances.

The shelter is located in the town complex to the south of the Police Department, behind the Public Works maintenance building.

Lost a dog?  When we find strays we will post them on the Animal Shelter's Facebook page, please visit Chino Valley Animal Shelter Facebook


The Animal Control department is staffed by 2 Animal Control Officers and 2 Adoption Specialists.

They protect stray, injured, abused and unwanted animals on a daily basis, in addition to helping the public deal with problems caused by animals.

The officers protect the town by overseeing rabies vaccination (a public health risk) through an extensive licensing program that generates thousands of dollars in revenues.