The Building  Division of Development Services is committed to providing the highest level of customer service possible. In Building it is our goal to make your experience with the town pleasant and help you to find the most effective and convenient way to attain a building permit and then assist you throughout your project and help you to a successful completion. To serve you better the town recently began "on-line" permitting through citizenserve. You may click on the link and go directly to the "Citizens Access Portal" (CAP) then select "permitting" to begin the building permit application process.



ALL Building Inspection Requests must be scheduled, before midnight for the next business day, by calling or texting the Town’s Interactive Voice Response system (IVR) Inspection Request Line at 1-855-855-8919

Welcome to the Town of Chino Valley Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Inspection Request System.  This system supports phone or text messaging.  For texting your requests see the instructions at the bottom of this page or by texting your e-mail address to 1 855 855-8919.

Touch Tone System Instructions

To use your phone you will need; Permit Type, Building Permit Number, Type of Inspection and Date Requested.  To schedule an inspection the first response required is to; press 1 to schedule an inspection or press 2 to cancel an existing inspection.  The voice prompts for permit types will be as follows:

                                                  Residential Building Permit                                   enter 1

                                                  Commercial Building Permit                                 enter 2

                                                  Residential Driveway Permit                                 enter 3

                                                  Residential Expedited Permit                                enter 4

                                                  Commercial Expedited Permit                              enter 5

                                                  Commercial Grading Permit                                  enter 6

                                                  Sign Permit                                                               enter 7

The first two items prompted for are the permit type and permit number (exclude the dash), for example:  18000335.  The system will then ask you to confirm that the type of inspection and permit number information are correct (1) or incorrect (2).

The last 2 items required to schedule an inspection are the type (3-digit inspection code) and the date (mmddyy).  If you try to schedule on any other days but Monday-Thursday (also exclude Holidays), you will be prompted to try again with a different date.  At this time you will hear “please wait while I search for your permit” and that your inspection has been confirmed or not.  If you entered the information incorrectly you can begin again.  If you have another inspection for the same permit you can enter it at this time.

Texting Instructions

You will need to have your permit number, type of inspection and date required.  All of this information is in one entry with a space between the permit number, inspection code and date.  For example:   RB18000333  102  121018    You will receive a text confirming the inspection you just created or an error message so you can try again.