Building Inspectors Available in the Office 7-8am and 4-5pm - M/Th

The Building  Division of Development Services is committed to providing the highest level of customer service possible. In Building it is our goal to make your experience with the town pleasant and help you to find the most effective and convenient way to attain a building permit and then assist you throughout your project and help you to a successful completion. To serve you better the town recently began "on-line" permitting through iWorQ. You may click on the link and go directly to the "Citizens Access Portal" (CAP) then select "permitting" to begin the building permit application process.

ATTENTION:  All plans are required to meet the following codes:
2018 IBC
2018 IRC
2018 IFGC
2018 IMC
2018 IPC
2017 NEW
2012 IECC

In addition to the above codes, the following criteria must be met for all building permits:
Wind Speed:  115 mph - 3 second wind gust - Exposure C
Roof Snow Load: 30# Non-Reducible Snow Load
Ground Snow Load: 43# Ground Snow Load
Seismic Zone: C
Frost Depth: 18"

If you would like to schedule a specific time for an inspection, you will need to call our office the morning of your inspection, between 7-8am and talk with the building department.




iWorQ Instructions


1. Click on the iWorQ link button above

2. Scroll down to the 2nd blue sectionSearch  (after August 1, 2020)

3. Use the search bar to locate your permit.  Search (fill in permit # first)

4. If entered correctly, your permit will show up under the search bar.  You will see the “Request An Inspection” in blue.  Click on this button.

5. Your inspection request will pop up.  You will need the following:

¨ Contractor Access Code:  this will be listed on your green card

¨ Who is requesting the inspection (enter your name here)

¨ Phone # for contacting you if need be.

¨ Email for sending inspection results 

¨ Requested Date for inspection (can not be scheduled on the same day and must be submitted before midnight for the next day).

¨ Type of Inspection— the 3 digit code on the back of your card.

¨ Any comments that the inspectors may need to know, gate key, etc.