Patrol / Traffic


The Patrol Division is the face and back bone of any Police Department. This is the Division with the greatest amount of interaction with the public and does so 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, make it 366 days on the infamous leap year. These are the men and women who, day in and day out, work in and with the community. The focus of the patrol division is to provide education of our state laws and ordinances, prevent crime and apprehend violators. The various aspects of patrol require some specialties such as canine, school resource officer and of course the most notable or infamous is traffic. While all these specialties are important each member of the patrol division is a patrol officer first and foremost. The various specialties merely afford these members additional training and opportunity for this department to better serve the community. The Chino Valley Police Department currently has 4 patrol sergeants who each have a squad of officers they lead. Two of these squads are assigned to nights and two of the squads are assigned to days allowing for uninterrupted, professional law enforcement services to the community.


In our community we have residential roads and connector streets that provide access to an extremely busy highway. As a bedroom community to both Prescott and Prescott Valley, most of our citizens travel outside of town for work and a majority of their shopping needs. With the high volume of traffic on our roads, encompassed with the fact that everyone either drives or rides in a vehicle, this area of law enforcement affects us all. To help with traffic safety, enforcement of traffic laws and investigation of traffic collisions we have motor officers, commercial vehicle inspectors and a highly trained collision investigation team. This group of officers allows the Chino Valley Police Department to help ensure roads are safe for the community to travel on.