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Ordinance 762 (PDF) Ordinance 762 (PDF)
Repealing ordinance no. 11-754 and thereby revoking the issuance of a conditional use permit for an approximately 28-acre portion of assessor's parcel number 306-05-030v to allow the continued operation of the windmill house events facility and its present uses in the “ar-5” agricultural residential 5 acre minimum zone
Ordinance 761 (PDF) Ordinance 761 (PDF)
To provide for the zone change of assessor's parcel number 306-04047c from “cl” commercial light to “ch” commercial heavy
Ordinance 760 (PDF) Ordinance 760 (PDF)
Ordinance 759 (PDF) Ordinance 759 (PDF)
Amending the town of Chino Valley, Arizona, town code, chapter 34: "court," general provisions sections 34.01: "magistrate court established; jurisdiction" and 34.02: "presiding officer"
Ordinance 758 (PDF) Ordinance 758 (PDF)
Amending chapter 52 "rubbish, trash and the like" of the town of Chino Valley, Arizona, code of ordinances, by amending the name, by adding sections 52.02 "water and earthen material flow" and section 52.03 "culverts".
Ordinance 757 (PDF) Ordinance 757 (PDF)
Adopting the "Americans with disabilities standards and regulations dated September 15 2010" by reference; amending the Chino Valley town code chapter 150: building regulations; construction, by adding section 150.009: ada standards and regulations; establishing an effective date; providing for severability