Police Dispatchers

Police Dispatchers monitor and respond to service and information requests from the public, evaluate service needs and dispatch appropriate units, and enter data into a computer-aided dispatch system.

Active Listening Skills
Dispatchers perform a vital function within the Police Department and require skills and abilities that are unique. At all times, they must have the ability to be calm when talking to emotionally upset or irate individuals or when confronted with life and death situations.

Dispatchers must listen carefully, simultaneously distinguishing between, and monitoring, multiple radio transmissions and telephone conversations. They also must have the ability to remember past calls and events and relay correct information to officers in the field. Working under pressure, Dispatchers must exercise good judgment and make sound decisions in highly charged emergency situations.

Knowledge of Broadcasting Procedures
Dispatchers must also have a basic knowledge of standard radio broadcasting procedures and rules, the policies and procedures of the Arizona Criminal Justice Information System/ National Crime Information Center computer system and locations of street, parks, major landmarks and the city limits.