Meet the Mayor and Council

Mayor Jack Miller

Jack W. Miller was born Dallas, Texas in 1957, the baby of seven children. His father was an Aerospace Engineer and mother was a homemaker. During Jack’s childhood, their family moved and lived in several states, settling in Phoenix in 1966. He completed high school and then relocated to Prescott after a weekend visit, where he began his career with U.S. Electrical Motors. He worked there as a machinist from 1975 through 1987. It was there he met his wife Jeri, they were married in 1981, and then relocated to Chino Valley.

In 1987, he accepted employment with the Chino Valley Fire District as a fire fighter, which he says was the “best job in the world”. During his career with the Fire District, he earned his A.A. degree in Fire Science and Business Administration. He worked with the Fire District through 2010, retiring as a Battalion Chief, due to a knee injury. 

Jack and Jeri have two sons, who both live in Kingman, Arizona, with their families. Their sons each work for local fire departments.

He says he has always worked as a builder throughout his career and continues today. Through the years, the most rewarding to him has been to be a public servant; he has always enjoyed trying to find a resolution to people’s problems. 

Mayor Miller's Term Expires DECEMBER of 2022
Jack Miller
Vice-Mayor Annie Perkins

Vice-Mayor Perkins' Term Expires DECEMBER of 2024
Annie Perkins
Council Member Tom Armstrong

Council Member Armstrong's Term Expires DECEMBER of 2024
Tom Armstrong

Council Member Eric Granillo

I was born at Yavapai Regional Medical Center (YRMC) in Prescott, AZ in 1980.  I was raised in Mayer and Prescott Valley.  In 1992, I moved to Chino Valley.  My immediate family; father, mother, and brother with his family, all live in Chino Valley.

I am married to Adriana “Audie” Granillo.   We have 3 beautiful children; Eric “Andrew”, Alexia, and Elijah.  Two of my oldest children graduated from Chino Valley High School (CVHS).

I graduated from CVHS in 1998.  When attending college, I found it was not for me.   It was during that time I started my own business.  We still run the business and currently have 18 employees.

I am a small business owner and an entrepreneur. I am passionate about small business and real estate.  My hobbies include traveling, spending time with my family, philosophy, reading, and sports.

We enjoy volunteering in many events and in our community, to help people in any way that we can.  Being a public servant is something that was in my heart to do for my Town that I grew up in.  As a first-generation US Citizen, I believe it is my duty to make this Country, State, Town, the best it can be.  It all starts at home with family. Family, including my wife, is the most important thing to me. 

We have no plans of leaving the Town of Chino Valley and we want to make it the best community for everyone.

My father would always tell me, “If you’re going to do something, do it right!”.  Whatever I do, I give it my all.  I am here to work for you.  Thank you for your votes and for letting me serve you.- Eric Granillo

Council Member Granillo's Term Expires DECEMBER of 2024

Eric Granillo
Council Member Cloyce A. Kelly 

Council Member Kelly's Term Expires DECEMBER of 2022

Council Member John McCafferty

Council Member McCafferty's Term Expires DECEMBER of 2022

Council Member Lon Turner 

Council Member Turner's Term Expires DECEMBER of 2022
Lon Turner