Projects Under Development (Map)

Welcome to the Chino Valley Development Service’s Projects Under Development Map! 

This map will display certain permits and planning cases that the Development Services Department oversees. This map was created to provide the citizens of Chino Valley insight on projects that are considered active, meaning that work is visible to the community in the case of permits, or that community members had an opportunity for input through various means in the case of planning cases.

What information can currently be found on this map?

While this map is a work in progress you can currently find the following information:
  • Location of the project.
  • Case or building permit number.
  • Status of the project
  • Planner assigned to the project.

What information will be available on the map in future updates?

  • A better inventory of ALL zoning cases and new construction permits.
  • Public Works Projects such as Road construction and utility work.
  • PDF copies of Conceptual Plans, Site Plans, Building Elevations, etc.