PD Officers with K9 Lisko and K9 Sirius

The Chino Valley Police Department established its Canine program in April 2006. The program has three critical purposes. The first is to be a tool to educate the public about illegal drugs and the harm they cause our community. The second is to help prevent illegal drugs from coming into and through our community. The third and often most notable purpose is the apprehension of those that use, transport and sell illegal drugs in our community.

Our canine officers and their handlers undergo extensive, advanced and specialized training in the detection of illegal drugs. Since the beginning of our program all canines have exceeded the national standards as set forth by the National Police Canine Association and the National Narcotic Detector Dog Association. In addition to becoming nationally certified, our canines and handlers undergo weekly training.


The Department’s first canine, Gage a German Shepherd, worked diligently with his handler, Officer Randy Chapman, from April of 2006 until Gage was retired in December of 2013. Sgt. Chapman was promoted to the rank of Sergeant just before the retirement of Gage. Gage lived out his retirement at the home of Sgt. Chapman and recently passed away on July 7, 2017 in the arms of his best friend, Sgt. Chapman.

McNally started  his career in 2000.  He handled his first K9 with the Prescott Valley Police Department in 2007 until his retirement and worked his second partner until his retirement in 2103.  In 2016, Ofc. McNally retired from the Prescott Valley Police Department and joined the Chino Valley Police Department where he worked K9 “Gus” until his retirement in May of 2019.  Ofc. McNally also acquired his current K9 “Lisko” in May of 2019.  As of September 2020, Lisko is a 2 year old certified dual purpose K9 currently working the road serving Chino Valley as well as surrounding communities.  Lisko was first certified in December of 2019 and has been working the road ever since.  The two have quickly become crowd favorites and highly successful as a team.

Officer McNally and K9 Lisko
Officer Sellers and K9 Sirius

The Chino Valley Police Department would like to welcome its newest Officer, K9 "Sirius".  K9 Sirius, replaces the retired K9 "Jax", who retired in 2019.  He is a 2 year old dual purpose Belgian Malinois who will be handled by his newly selected K9 handler, FTO Steve Sellers. 

K9 Sirius is a new addition to the Chino Valley Police Department which was made possible through a donation from a private citizen.  The care and maintenance of the police K9's is an expensive endeavor and with the assistance from donations like that of the private citizen as well as partnerships with companies like Olsen's grain, who provide food for the lifetime of the K9's within Yavapai County. 

Additionally, partnerships with foundations like the Arizona Community Foundation assist in maintaining these critical tools for law enforcement.  We look forward to seeing the two of them out on the road, protecting the community.  Thank you to the private citizen and thank you to the professional partners who have assisted us.  Congratulations FTO Steve Sellers, and welcome K9 Sirius!!!

The canine program at the Chino Valley Police Department has many other community partners who make the program a success. The partners include Olsen’s Grain, who provides the food for the life of our police canines, and Circle L Animal Clinic, who provides discounted medical care for the police canines.