Commendation/Complaint Procedure

Commending a Police Employee

Our employees are committed to ensuring a safe and secure community and doing so in a professional and ethical manner.  Oftentimes, positive service from the department or a particular employee may go unnoticed unless you bring it to our attention.  Employees appreciate positive comments on the job they do and deserve to know they have performed well. 

When you have experienced service you feel is worthy of commendation, we would like to hear from you. 

Citizen Complaints

The Chino Valley Police Department views all allegations of impropriety against its police personnel seriously and actively conducts an investigation on employee misconduct.  For this reason, the complainant must ensure that their complaint is based on fact.

Complaints can be filed in several ways:

-  By requesting a supervisor at the scene of the incident

-  By calling the police department at 928-636-4223 and requesting to speak with the on-duty supervisor

-  By filling out a Complaint Form available at the police department

False reporting in an attempt to unjustly discipline or defame police personnel or to place their employment in jeopardy can result in criminal charges or civil suit by the involved employee.