Management Information Systems

Management Information Systems (MIS) is essential to support several Information Technology (IT) systems and services at the Town.

Support of Town computer & Network Systems

With the current Information systems at the Town, MIS is needed to consistently support of these systems as day-to-day problems arise during normal staff usage. These problems include normal repair and service as well as software support to help staff efficiently conduct their Town duties.

Documentation & Structured Organization of Town IT Resources

As with any complex system there is a need for continued documentation and organization of the system. MIS is working to properly document and organize all of the Town IT resources. This helps the Town maintain a better perspective on where vital Town funds need to be spent within the Town IT infrastructure.

Development and Expansion of IT Infrastructure

With the continued growth of technology today, MIS works to expand the computer and network infrastructure as the Town continues to grow. Addition of new computer systems as well as upgrades to existing computers is necessary to maintain compatibility with changing technology and provide expanded services for public demand.

Improvements In Applications & Tools

MIS continually works to improve on the applications and software the Town has available for staff duties and for the public to utilize on a day-to-day basis. These improvements are vital to help expand Town staff operations and services for the public.

Management of IT Budget and Expenditures

MIS has the responsibility to help the Town make more cost effective decisions. MIS is working to find volume, governmental, and contract discounts that allow the limited Town funds to be spent more efficiently.

IT Policies & Procedures

Policies and procedures are often overlooked when it applies to IT. Today it is necessary to have a very well documented employee and security policy that applies to IT. MIS has the responsibility to write and maintain an IT policy that will limit the Town's liability due to Information Systems and their usage.